Stockholm syndrome

As usual, Italian political left disappoints even the most faithful supporter.

Of course, we all are very happy for the (temporary) end of the previous regime. And sure, comparing the new Ministries with the old ones, makes us sigh with relief.

But the teenager enthusiasm some political leaders shows for the new government, its team and its programme (that are quite a conservative team and programme indeed) do confirm the message we got several times already: left parties’ leaders don’t trust themselves to govern the country.

Why otherwise repeating with an idiotic smile that this solution was the only possible. There are no younger and more progressive experts in Italy? And why they don’t present any indication for possible policies avoiding squeezing the same people further, causing the clear impression that they just hope that ‘super Mario’ would not be too hard on the weakest. May be because he is a church man……

Even when they had a (possible) majority of voters, a sinking adversary and a favourable political (not certainly economic, though) situation, they succeeded in making any other option seem a preferable one.


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