C as Cravates d’Afrique

Cravates d’Afrique stemmed from a double challenge.
During a travel in Burkina Faso I liked very much the local materials (les pagnes) produced in the country of the incorrutible human beings as a media to disseminate political and development programmes.
Those materials were very coloured and brilliant and it was quite difficult to employ them properly.
On the other hand, I started working in an organization where I was required to wear a tie, and I had no one.
Therefore, I searched the Yellow Pages (paper version, no google available yet) and I found a small atelier on the Prenestina road, where they were curious enough to accept to produce just two or three examples.
Then I produced more, I drawed a logo (a sage leaf) and a sticker

and with some friends we organised some gatherings to present the collections

Soon, other products came out, first of all the shopping bags: more elegant than the plastic ones, more handy because of the long handle and less bulky as one could fold it and put in the purse or in a pocket.

Later on, in Ivory Coast, the activity grew up and we tried to structure it better, more details in the dedicated website www.cravatesdafrique.com (first answer if you search by google: cravates and Afrique).


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