Silent minority

We have to face the reality. Berlusconi is not the only responsible for the progressive destruction of the moral, democratic and even aesthetic environment of Italy.
Italian majority is, at present, with him and the force of his bad-doing is pervading the all spectrum of activities, domains, territories.
The official opposition forces have repeatedly shown lack of vision, coherence, wisdom and communication with the community.
Still, there are resources around or abroad that could be mobilised in the attempt to reverse the situation.
That is what I call the silent minority. An important percentage of Italian people, coming from different experiences, having different ideas and positions, which is not (yet) directly engaged in the political arena, but can’t stand anymore the Italian derive.
This minority should present themselves to the different political forces asking for a clear perspective of redressing of the situation for a minimum plan to save democracy, economy and good sense and promising in exchange engagement, advice, support, vote and subsequent control.
As an exponent of the South African opposition said at the end of the apartheid regime enough is enough is enough.


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