Napoli on the Caribbeans

Yesterday night I heard some blasts and I thought “they play fireworks”.

I realised soon that most probably there were some gangs shooting each other.

The situation remains calm, though, and I have also hired a moto-taxi (a big, black chopper) for a short drive through the town.

Port au Prince remind me of Napoli, the sea, the chaos, nice people, streets climbing up to the mountains, colours and noise.

In front of the city, on the water, is plenty of ghost-boats, going rusty among the general indifference.

From the sky, the helicopters patrol continuosly the center.



One thought on “Napoli on the Caribbeans”

  1. My corrections are below:

    Napoli in the Carribean

    ..I though “they´re playing with fireworks”

    Port au Prince reminds me of …..

    …are plenty of ghost-boats…

    …the helicoptors patrol the centre / center continuously.


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