Don’t feed the pigeons!

Today, in a small park near the Cibernarium, I have seen two seagulls devouring the remains of a pigeon.
I couldn’t restrain from a sight of satisfaction.

I like nature, I like animals, I loved the dog that was living with us and I regularly visit the almond-tree we planted on her burial place.

But I don’t stand pigeons. I did celebrate the decree of Venezia municipality establishing the decapitation of hundreds of such beasts.

And I always try to dissuade parents, and especially grandparents, to accustom children to give food to those birds. It’s an unhealthy behaviour bringing disorder, filthiness and above all, more pigeons.


One thought on “Don’t feed the pigeons!”

  1. I couldn´t agree with you more, pigeons are a nuisance!

    Below are some corrections:

    You need to use past simple not present perfect as the action of seeing the seagulls is in the past with no connection to the present.
    …I saw two seagulls…

    I couldn´t resist from obeserving such a satisfying sight.

    ..we planted at her burial place.

    But I can´t stand pigeons.Infact, I celebrated ….

    with the verb dissuade you need to use the preposition from and the gerund.

    ..from making children accustomed to giving food..

    It´s an unhealthy custom….


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