Book crossing

Today I have registered my first book; I will free it tomorrow, somewhere in the centre of Barcelona.

Book crossing is an initiative worth joining; its aim is to convert the world into a big library.

If everybody would free their books after reading them, everybody will gain, the book buyer in space and self consideration, the new reader in saving money and getting comments together with the book, and even sales will not go down.


Regarding the obsession of keeping books close by, I think it is an unhealthy one. May be it’s ok for one or two special books, but creating a dust-collecting mountain is meaningless.

Then go out and free your books, and you will get a lot in exchange.



One thought on “Book crossing”

  1. I’m a bookcrosser too. If I read a book and I don’t like it, I free it. I free 4 books, but nobody has registered them on internet: I’ve lost their stories.
    The last thing, I never catch a bookcrossing book!
    bye dan


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