Aznar stays alone

After the bombs, the manipulation of the information, the widespread popular reaction, Mr. Aznar and his party keep on their suicide attitude of hostility towards other parties and social forces.

They decisively contributed (as reported by today’s newspapers) to create the conditions for a general agreement among the socialists and all the other parties. This agreement excludes the PP from the Presidency of the Senate, where they got the majority of seats, and only 4 seats less than the absolute majority.

The reason of such an approach is not obvious, to explain it, psychology more than politics should probably be summoned up. (not bad this summon up?)

It remains the question of the influence of the terrorist attempt on the election results. I think it is a false question. That situation showed clearly to everybody what kind of people were directing the country. The electorate were truly asked to choose their future government. And in this crucial time and situation they chose rationally and consequently.

Let’s hope in Italy they will learn the lesson.


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