‘Pizza rustica’, a family recipe

Only if invited for an informal meal in a family coming from the South. Infinite variations.


S as South

I was born in the South.  As I use repeating to foreign acquaintances, exactly there where the Italian boot split in two, just in the middle, in a quite remote area.

And I worked in the South (of the world) most of my life time starting from 1992.  Sometimes from Europe and more often directly based in or visiting a country: Cambodia, Southafrica, Mozambique, Guatemala, Palestine, Chad, Togo, Botswana, Peru, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Madagascar, Indonesia, Malawi, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Congo RDC, Venezuela, Niger, Pakistan, Mali, Honduras, Guinea Bissau, Nepal, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Ghana.

Of course South is not an exact categorization.  In some countries the North is the actual South.  Others may be geographically South but are rather (or consider themselves) North.

But everywhere there is a Southern dimension, in the wide sense.

I prefer being a Southerner, don’t have any characteristic of one from the North. 

Don’t know if by choice or by destiny.