Enough is enough

Patricia de Lille, former leader of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania in Capetown, launched this slogan in 1994, during the campaign for the first democratic elections in South Africa (tomorrow they vote again, for the third time).


“Enough is enough”, very narrow agenda, anti-political, not the programme you would expect form a credible alternative for government. But a manifesto that I would subscribe for Italy. And that many voters did endorse in Spain, some days ago.


Utility Blog 1

Some of these blog’s notes should be useful for the readers. Therefore, I start today sharing some useful information I have got in my long years of searching.
The first utility blog is the address of a French web site informing about vacancies in the international organizations.
There are many similar web sites, but I consider this one particularly functional, as it gives immediately the indication of the posts available in the different organizations. Afterwards, one can go to the specific web site to get the details.
You can find the address below.

PS regarding the title, I wanted to express the concept blog di servizio, as it is used for trasmissione di servizio, but I couldn’t find a better formula than utility blog. Any suggestion?

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Ida Margar

Ida Margar didn’t use to work on Mondays. In the last years, she performed only once.

It was the day she had to help an enchanter who needed someone to enchant.

Ida was among the crowd, with the fingers narrowed around her leather belt.

At the moment she had to intervene in the show, she was distracted by a pair of doves that, after being extracted from the top hat, were wondering what to do.

So, it happened that the enchanter had to enchant himself and, for a fate’s joke, he disappeared.

Miss Margar was not disappointed in the role she had played in the departure of the nosed magician and, back home in time for dinner, she thought she would rather prepare a tortilla.


London, 1993.

Aznar stays alone

After the bombs, the manipulation of the information, the widespread popular reaction, Mr. Aznar and his party keep on their suicide attitude of hostility towards other parties and social forces.

They decisively contributed (as reported by today’s newspapers) to create the conditions for a general agreement among the socialists and all the other parties. This agreement excludes the PP from the Presidency of the Senate, where they got the majority of seats, and only 4 seats less than the absolute majority.

The reason of such an approach is not obvious, to explain it, psychology more than politics should probably be summoned up. (not bad this summon up?)

It remains the question of the influence of the terrorist attempt on the election results. I think it is a false question. That situation showed clearly to everybody what kind of people were directing the country. The electorate were truly asked to choose their future government. And in this crucial time and situation they chose rationally and consequently.

Let’s hope in Italy they will learn the lesson.