Our daily bread

Just baked.  Made with natural yeast (pasta madre).

Preparing bread is always a satisfactory activity even if, as this time, with the help of a bread-machine.WIN_20191201_18_58_09_Pro





Y as yeast

Some years ago two friends from Pavia gave us a small quantity of ‘pasta madre’, the natural yeast that you have to refresh every week and use to prepare bread, pizza and more.
Preparing our bread ourselves was a refreshing experience that we brought with us in different countries.
Making bread is a fundamental life experience that I would recommend to anybody.
And the nice thing with ‘pasta madre’ is that you cannot buy it but one will always find someone ready to pass it.
Making things with one own hands is important for a balanced phisical and mental growth. It is a pity that after the adolescence there are few occasions for it.
There are not many things I am able to do, not good with wood or repairing house appliances, never tried pottery and limited knowledge in gardening.
Still, in the last ten years I have probably done more than in the previous twenty.