O as olderbooking

Since I have got a smartphone I changed my habits during transfer to and from the office.  Before I was thinking, now I do read.  On the phone.

In order to get free books to read I thought to go back to the stories I read many times during my childhood (now out of copyrights) starting from Verne’s Mysterious Island.  This is the exercise that I decided (today) to define olderbooking.  Of course, I read them now in their original language and full version, as was not the case many years ago.  There is a sort of confort-feeling re-descovering the old friends and one understand several things about oneself, as the people and events described in those books certainly played an important influence on values and mindset.

Should I have read different boooks, would now I be a different person?  I do think so.  Reading is an important part of personality building and as some of those books were repeatedly read, their impact is undeniable.

Ex post, would I change my reading selection?  Certainly.  I do not think my choices were particularly apt to build a secure and open minded personality.  And they did go all more or less in the same direction: good will, nice feelings, be supportive, respect the elders, sentimentalism etc.  Not a lot of sense of adventure (or very controlled one) neither real respect for difference.  And a quite classist vision of the world and the life.

I have read different things afterwords, but it was too late ……

PS in fact I had in mind another word starting with O for the same concept, probably coming from Latin, but cannot recall it


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