Giving away our own life

Some years ago I professed my faith as a googlist.  What was at the time a joke risks to become a sad reality. 

 I bought a smartphone working with android.  It came already full of shiny applications.  But if you read at the small characters, you discover a frightening reality.

 Accepting to get one of these ‘free’ tools, you do relinquish one of the most precious assets of a human being.  Information.  Information on where you are, what you read or listen to, to whom you speak and what about.  One application even says that it is authorised (meaning that I am authorising it) to take photos from my camera without even informing me.

 It’s much worse than the big brother, and the most terrible feature is that we know what is going on and we do accept it for the sake of some nice ‘free’ gadgets.

 Someone say that we do not have anything to hide.  But for how long?


Religion: googlist, May 2004


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