L as Law

I studied the law. Not sure why.  Other options seemed less practical.  It was the time of the ‘assault praetors’ who were trying to make justice something more concrete and close to people’s preoccupations.

The most famous of them ordered the requisition of the empty apartments in Rome in order to  rent them at ‘equitable lease’ to people in need.

Even if I didn’t perceived it clearly at the time, there was surely a family soft pressure towards what was considered a safe area to get a fine job, possibly in the public service.

Another factor that had some relevance was a conference with Stefano Rodotà, who came to my school to talk about working with the law.  He was quite inspiring.

I never worked in the classical law professions.  Yes, my first job was in a juridical organization but my role was marginal.  And I worked in Guatemala for the UN mission on human rights.  There we dealt with legal matters, tribunals, judges and especially victims,  but I stayed only few months.

Something from these studies remain in my forma mentis, I consider the respect of rules as an important factor, both in the personal life and for the society.  And this has certainly been a permanent reference in my different jobs.  Including when I was a steward in the London stadiums of Wembley, Millwall and Chelsea.


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