J as jacket

My first jacket was part of a gray suit my parents bought for me in Potenza, probably on sales. I was about 10-12 years old and remember it with fondness.  It probably did include even a waistcoat with buttons, as peasants’ Sunday dress.

Indeed, the first jacket I purchased myself was a yellowish corduroy one, found at Latina second hand market and paid 2.500 lire, as far as I may recall.

Afterwards, I had another similar jacket that I still keep in Roma.  I was planning to give it to my nephew, but he grew up before I could pass it to him.

For a long period I kept buying second hand clothing, in markets or at a little shop next to Via 20 Settembre (but that seemed to me already a luxury). 

Reacting to winter inconveniences, I used stitching a button on the back of the collar, in order to be able to protect my chest (I always suffered of sore throat).

I bought my first new jacket on the occasion of my first regular job, when the President of that small organisation mentioned that my recently acquired position would have requested a more appropriate outfit.  I decided anyway to wait for my first salary (paid quite a long time after starting) before investing in fashion.  This model was grey, with little lines in colours; not bad but not exciting either.

Jackets are my preferred piece of clothing; fortunately enough, given that since that first job I am almost obliged to wear one of them.  Together with a tie (but this is another story…).



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