The wrong person at the wrong place

In Italy an environment minister should be a subversive.

Someone trying (calmly and step by step but firmly and without wavering) to inverse the prevalent approach to development in our country.

Someone indicating, with small but meaningful actions, a way over the myth of eternal production growth.

Now this Mr Clini seems to be the wrong person at the wrong place.

Not happy of keeping supporting the nuclear option before and after Fukushima, he is lobbying for the interests of the steel industry against the preoccupations for health and security of the workers and the population.

Of course, there could be some grounds in that position, but that is not the environment ministry position indeed, and does not reflect the priorities and vision we would expect from a person (and an ‘expert’ person, in this case) holding that post.

Solution is always the same: handing in resignation as soon as possible.


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