I am a simple person

That’s what I said at my last job interview.
Later on, I wondered if I hadn’t add a ring to the chain of improper comments I started many years ago.
How to forget the “J’ai deja donne’ “ (in French = I have given already) when asked about possible deployment in a war-torn country. I immediately visualized the main interviewer crossing my name in his list with a big red X.
Or when, for a possible post in Roma, I declared that yes, the job was interesting, but I had many other things to do at the same time.
In a follow up call the man announced: “we recruited the ant and not the cicada”.
This time I doubted that having presented myself as a simple person corresponded to having admitted to be a stupid one.
And that meaning is among the possible ones, indeed.
But, according to a google research, the most frequent references are to ‘living easy, liking simple thing, not being complicated’. There is also a dedicated web group.   I have got the post.


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