Italians are strange.

This lady wins a golden medal at the Olympic Games.

OK, it is the third one, may be she is used to it, but she should also be used to how media work, and avoid to be trapped in this declaration concerning the fact that she doesn’t want to pay taxes on the prize Italian government (probably through sponsors, but still is money coming from Italian taxpayers) assigned to her.

By the way, the photo of this same lady holding a big cheque with the amount of the prize clearly marked is disgusting.


Now there is the other lady, which won another golden medal at the Olympics and established a world record.

Her statement? ‘I will dedicate more time to the TV’.

Italians make us suffer.


One thought on “Italians”

  1. Il mio pessimo inglese non fa apprezzare il tuo sarcasmo.
    Comunque visto che sono capitato qui … un saluto te lo lascio. E anche a Margherita.
    Marco(quello di Firenze)


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