I am happy I was born in Lucania. It is a small region in the South of Italy, quiet and still undomesticated.
Picerno is not the smartest village, but the air is fresh, the food is good, and just in front of it lies the Monte Li Foi, surrounded by woods.
Our house is just on the piazza, where life goes on regardless.
All the characteristic figures are disappeared: the goats’ shepherd, the lady wearing the traditional costume, Mastro Vicienzo the local inventor.
The countryside has changed dramatically, especially after the earthquake.
I generally come on Christmas, sometimes in summer, once I came by motorbike.
Today there is a balmy, congenial sunlight.


One thought on “Picerno”

  1. Hi Paolo,

    Your hometown looks beautiful, I hope you enjoyed a relaxing break before setting off for the Ivory Coast.

    Here are my corrections:

    I´m not sure what you mean by “just on the piazza”. Do you mean it is on the edge/end of the piazza?

    “All the characteristic figures have disappeared…” – you need present perfect not past simple as the past action has an effect on the present.

    ” I generally come at Christmas, sometimes in the summer..”


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