Churros versus cornetti

Life is also made of minor pleasures.

One of them is breakfast’s pastry.

In Roma the choice is obvious: cappuccino and cornetto. The best is the cornetto baked by Il Cigno, especially the old way, before they changed confectioner.

On the other hand, in Barcelona you have a satisfactory alternative proceeding from the South: churros. Thin or bold, with sugar, coming hot from the pan.

Churros and cornetti contribute to make mankind better than it naturally would be, and the cooks would deserve a Nobel prize for peace. A big medal made by chocolate.


One thought on “Churros versus cornetti”

  1. Hello,

    Here are my corrections for this blog:

    One of them is cakes (or pastries) at breakfast time.

    In Rome…

    ..alternative coming from the south…

    …thin or thick, coated with sugar, coming piping hot from the pan.

    .. the cooks deserve a Nobel Peace prize. A big medal made of chocolate.


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